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We are experienced window cleaners in Leeds providing professional commercial and domestic window cleaning services.

All operatives are fully insured, have extensive Working At Height and Health and Safety training and certification and DBS clearance.


Window Cleaning in Leeds

Halton Cleaning Services combine traditional window cleaning methods with state-of-the-art water fed poles and pure water technology which means our customers receive the highest standards of service and why they often say we are the best window cleaners in Leeds.


What is Traditional Window Cleaning?

A traditional window cleaner cleans windows by hand. A handheld t-shaped bar is covered in a microfibre sleeve and soaked in cleaning solution and then this scrubs the glass clean. A squeegee with a rubber blade then wipes the solution off the window like a car windscreen wiper. Any remaining drips or water left in corners is wiped away with a dry microfiber cloth and polished off resulting in crystal clear, clean windows.

We use traditional window cleaning methods for interior windows and GROUND FLOOR WINDOWS of homes, shops, offices and any other building ensuring the most thorough and effective window cleaning service in West Yorkshire.


traditional window cleaners leeds

Window Cleaner Using A Squeegee To Clean The Windows


Window cleaner using a squeegee to clean a window.

We also use traditional methods for interior window cleaning - a service many window cleaners are unable to offer.


Cleaning Windows Using Purified Water & Water Fed Poles

Pure water is filtered of all naturally occurring minerals and other hard water deposits such as chalk and limescale that is present in tap water. If these contaminants are not removed they would leave white spots on the glass just as like the limescale found in kettles.

Extendable water fed poles reach up to 30 ft high and purified water is pumped up through them and sprayed in a continuous stream onto the window while a soft professional brush scrubs the glass clean and everything is rinsed off with more pure water. Windows are left to dry naturally for a sparkling clear finish. We use this method for cleaning 1st and 2nd floor windows.


Water fed pure water window cleaning leeds

Water Fed Pole Pure Water Window Cleaning Leeds



Domestic Window Cleaners Leeds

We clean homes of all sizes including terraced, semi detached and large detached houses, town houses, flats and apartment blocks. We can do a one-off clean or provide a regular, ongoing window cleaning service at a frequency of your choosing, We can clean windows inside as well as the outsides and use traditional methods by hand for interior windows and ground floor window cleaning.

For upstairs we use long reach extendable poles fed with purified water and with prices starting at only £10 we are the best value for money window cleaners in Leeds.


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Commercial Window Cleaners in Leeds

Halton Cleaning Services are experienced commercial window cleaners with business customers including shops, offices, care homes, pubs and restaurants in the Leeds area.

All window cleaning is done from the ground and we do not use ladders.

We can conduct Risk Assessments for every job and staff training means Health and Safety is at the core of everything we do.

Our commercial window cleaning service is available at whatever frequency you wish and you can rely on us for the highest standards of cleaning for your shop, office or any other business venue.


Commercial Window Cleaners Leeds


We operate throughout Leeds including Wetherby LS22 and Halton LS15.

Please see our Areas Covered page for more information on areas we cover.

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